Making hay and silage (01/24)

Quality hay and how to make it

Hay production needs to be managed with a similar attention to detail as farmers give their regular crops. Early and informed decisions are important for hay production and to prevent ending up with poor quality hay. Hay tends to be a more versatile option than silage, as it is cheaper to produce and transport on a dry matter basis than silage. Storing excess hay is a cheap and effective option to help mitigate the effects of short feed supply during drought.

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Drought Research Reports

Managing weeds and pests during drought (06/24)

It is important to understand weed ecology during drought to establish an effective weed management plan.

Options for portable livestock handling equipment (06/24)

Several options available to producers to ensure that livestock are handled safely and efficiently.

Diversification To Add Resilience (05/24)

Branching out - tips for additional revenue streams on farm

Resilient Communities In Dry Times (05/24)

Resilience is seen as a buzzword of disaster responses. For some, “building resilience” is seen as an excuse for governments to opt out of providing support during dry times or following disruptions such as fire or flood.

Annual Reviews

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