About Droughtinfo.com.au

The DroughtInfo.com.au program received funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

Kondinin Group (publishers of FarmingAhead, an influential Australian farmers' membership group) are committed to a three-year campaign to distribute key information in support of the Australian Government's aim to build long-term drought resilience and preparedness.

The initiative comes from the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment program, and is part of the Future Drought Fund (FDF).

The initiative's key aims are to:

  • Grow the self-reliance and performance (productivity, profitability and sustainability) of the agricultural sector
  • Improve the natural capital of agricultural and for better environmental outcomes
  • Strengthen the wellbeing and social resilience of rural, regional and remote agricultural-dependent communities

Kondinin group will deliver this through:

  • DroughtInfo.com.au, a dedicated website featuring weekly news, an archive of monthly reports in digital edition format, an archive of annual books in digital edition format, Future Drought Fund information and droughtinfo.au information.
  • The publication of 12 reports annually (24 over 2 years) on Drought resilience for farmers as print and digital editions.
  • The broadcast of email newsletters promoting DroughtInfo.com.au content.
  • The publication of Annual specials (2 editions over 2 years) combining each year's reports and related information in the form of a manual.
  • A roadshow-style promotional tour, including the Farmer of the Year Awards and participation at key agriculture events around the country